7 ways to add Mindfulness to your life

How to be more mindful in our day-to-day lives

We’ve all heard of mindfulness, and the concept of being more mindful. But what does that actually mean in reality? Does it refer to a form of meditation or a breathing exercise? According to the experts, that’s exactly what it means. But actually, it can be much more practical and something we can easily learn to incorporate into our daily routines.

Why not try these ideas below to become a more mindful person and enjoy the benefits mindfulness can bring.

  1. How are we feeling?

It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice what’s going on around us, using our busyness as an escape, avoiding the discontent stillness can often cause.

In the past, I’ve rarely stopped to consider my own thoughts and feelings and the potentially negative impact they may be having on my mental wellbeing. Not until it started to drive me crazy, of course!

Using mindfulness, the more attention we pay to the present moment, to our own thoughts and feelings and the world around us: the better our mental wellbeing.

  1. But how do we stay in the present moment?

This can be one of the hardest things to do, but with a little practice, can feel like an oasis in the desert. Especially, if like me, you suffer with anxiety.

Annoyingly, our minds can tend towards focusing on the what ifs or worrying about what’s not even happened yet. Mindfulness can help us to appreciate the smaller things in life rather than worrying about tomorrow. Even doing something as simple as taking a photo of a flower, which can remind us of the true beauty mother nature has to offer, can help us along our journey of mindfulness.

Listen without intent to respond. Quite often, we’re only half listening when someone’s talking to us because we’re too busy waiting for the opportunity to tell our own story. Instead, try listening with curiosity rather than anticipation.

  1. Transformational chores

This is a great way to fit mindfulness into our daily routine, as we can turn the most mundane chore or household task into a mindfulness session.

The next time you cook dinner, for instance, focus on being fully engaged in the task at hand. Refuse to get caught up with the chatter in your head and try not to rush to get the job done. Stay in the present moment, and in doing this, it becomes a sacred ritual in itself.

The same can be said for vacuuming, dusting or shopping for groceries!

  1. Mindful walking

Treat yourself to a walk without a destination. Tune into the landscape, smell the flowers, watch the trees blowing in the wind and feel the breeze on your skin. Or how about experiencing the joy of walking barefoot on the grass? This act in itself has many benefits to the mind, body and soul… just make sure you don’t step on any prickles!

Wherever your walk leads you, focus on the present moment and enjoy becoming more aware of the sensations in your body.

  1. Routine with a spritz of luxury

I love this one. After I’ve taken a few minutes upon waking to meditate or practice mindfulness, I always make my bed. It’s part of my daily routine; it sets the tone for the day ahead and gives me a sense of pride. I mist the bedsheets with rose water essential oil, which is said to help restore natural balance and a sense of calm.

Just before bed, I spray my pillow with a lavender infused mist which can significantly improve sleep quality. It’s well known for its calming effects and it smells amazing!

  1. Create a sacred space

Allocating a sacred space within your home can be a fun and creative project. Choose an area in your home, or even just a small table, and fill it with a few special items. If you have room, a chair or a pillow you can kneel on is a great addition. Take a moment every day to enjoy this space and practice your mindfulness.

My sacred space is my living room, where I have memories from my Raw Eden Beauty days, lots of plants, candles and incense burning. This is where I come for clarity and inspiration.

  1. Make some time

Setting aside time for mindfulness when we’re already super busy with our daily routine can be daunting. But the truth is, mindfulness is one of the best ways to help find some calm in an otherwise hectic day. It can bring clarity, which is essential when we’re feeling overwhelmed or out of control.

Try setting aside a few minutes each morning before you get ready for work, or even squeeze a few minutes in the middle of the day. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.


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