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Here you will find all my journaling since I started this journey back in 2020. Anything green witch related, self care & wellness, Moon rituals, spell work and anything magical!

Anxiety and me…

Over the past few weeks, I have been suffering with extreme anxiety… It then came to me as to why I was feeling so unsettled

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This is me...

Hi, I’m Lucy. The founder and creator of Raw Eden Beauty Apothecary.

I am now 43 years old, this picture was taken two years ago when I was 41. Wow. Doesn’t the time fly.

I am typically a reserved woman, however when I am surrounded by the right circle, I often come alive and can be quite outgoing and lively – so if I was to categorise my aura and personality, I would say I was professionally introverted, and socially, I am more of an ambivert! – Update: I still stand to this statement, however, as I am becoming more wise in my practice I would say I am far more introverted nowadays.

I am an inspired Eclectic Witch who loves herbalism, the moon and making my lotions and potions. I love to learn about traditional witchcraft, folklore and the old ways, it makes me feel very at home. 

I love the creative process of blending oils, botanicals, herbs and all the other wonderful ingredients that Nature has to offer. 

The essence of the outdoors offers me spiritual peace and grounds my restless soul, and I feel in this busy, crazy world this is very important.

I believe that the art and science of formulating is pretty magical and I love nothing more than finding new ways of adding my own personal and spiritual touch of magic to my formulas. I always aim to create a product that allows anyone and everyone who uses my blends to immerse themselves fully into another realm and experience the magic of nature.

My ethos for Raw Eden begins and ends solely on the belief that every individual is special and unique in their own magical way.

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